Mimi Webb is one of the most exciting breakout stars of 2021, and after listening to her growing discography then you will also be ready to also say that she is a STAR. The British singer-songwriter released her debut single Before I Go’ in April 2020, and from there Charli D’Amelio featured the song on her TikTok which gathered over 85 million views. Putting Webb straight into the spotlight, her soulful take on pop with heartbreakingly vulnerable lyrics was instantly admired by listeners who needed to take comfort in these emotions. 

‘Good Without’ then changed the game completely for her when it was released earlier this year. Honing her vulnerable lyricism even further, she captured the emotions of realising that you’re actually okay without that person you couldn’t imagine living without previously. Now with over 76 million streams on Spotify alone, this song has paved the way for a new chapter in her music journey, and her new single ‘Dumb Love’ confidently follows in its footsteps. With a dramatic drum driven sonic intertwined into the intimate storytelling, she will have you immediately falling in love.

I recently chatted to Mimi Webb about the soulful and dramatic production behind her new single ‘Dumb Love’, the intensity of young love that shines through the lyrics, and we discuss the disastrous fake wedding from the hilarious music video. Check it out BELOW;

THOMAS BLEACH: Your new single ‘Dumb Love’ is a track that highlights the complexities of young love with a bold and soulfully charged production. Can you explain how this track creatively came together? 

MIMI WEBB: It was very much having that angle to it where you’re reminiscing this incredible love you had, and yes while it is heartbreaking, it’s not all that bad and you’re grateful for those memories. It’s a different take that I took. With ‘Good Without’ it was very like “I’m so good without you, see you later”. Then ‘Dumb Love’ obviously came after that and it was acknowledging that you do go through that stage where you do appreciate that young love you had. It’s that exciting butterfly feeling you get when you see that person. We really wanted to get that across through the song with the lyrics but also through the instrumentation and the drums. We wanted it to be really big so it felt really dramatic. 

TB: Young love is one of the most intense, exciting and passionate feelings you could imagine, and I think this song captures the reality of that quite beautifully. Were you referencing just one particular relationship, or were there a few personal experiences that made up this catharsis? 

MW: I think it was definitely a few situations I had been through different relationships. It’s one of those things where someone can come back into your life who you haven’t seen in years, and then all of a sudden they’re in-front of you again and you’re like “oh my god, they’re right there”. It’s one of those bright and breathtaking moments. It’s crazy.

TB: As soon as I heard this track it gave me some huge Emeli Sande meets Sam Smith and Rebecca Fergusson vibes. So who was sonically inspiring you during that session specifically? 

MW: ‘Good Without’ is where I kinda found the sonic that I realised was going to be my sound. I’ve always loved artists like One Republic and Emeli Sande, and they’ve got such incredible drum patterns in their songs, so I just really wanted to take that and transfer that into my sound. With going from ‘Good Without’ into ‘Dumb Love’, it was just a really easy transition. Straight away we were all like “lets get these drums” and we created this dramatic vibe that has turned into my own sound. The drums also brought a really cool pop edge to the song. 

TB: The music video for ‘Dumb Love’ is quite cinematic and takes you for a bit of a journey with a wedding, a fight, and a cake to the face action. So what was one of the funniest things that happened on that shoot? 

MW: That was just the best day ever! The cast were brilliant, and it was just such a nice day. I really wanted to capture this realistic situation that a lot of people had been through. There is always something that happens at weddings, isn’t there. From fights within the bridal party to an ex love turning up, the storyline was kinda built all around that. That whole shoot actually felt like we were having a party and everything was genuinely going wrong.

The funniest thing that happened was definitely when the whole fight kicks off, and the director was screaming directions for everyone and I’m just there trying to lip sync around everyone. They’re going crazy, and I’m just living my music video fantasy, it was just hilarious.

TB: You doing shots at the table during the wedding reception was definitely a giant mood.

MW: It was so funny in that scene as my mum was in it too. She was like “alright let’s go” and she’s right in the corner having the best time *laughs*. 

TB: Have you ever been to a wedding or a party where you really needed to get drunk to get through it?

MW: Oh 100%. When you’re just a little bit unsure, and everyone there is overwhelming so you’re just like “chill out, zone out” and head straight to the Rose’ *laughs*.

TB: You also released a very beautiful stripped back version of the song on YouTube. What is your favourite thing that is highlighted in this version over the original?

MW: The whole dramatic and cinematic vision we were going for originally with the drums was really pushed down in this version, and it just allowed me and other people to really connect with the song. It’s really driven on the vocals and there were a lot of things turned down and taken out instrumentation wise. It was really intimate, and I think it gave the song a whole new meaning. 

TB: Your single ‘Good Without’ has also had a huge life of its own with TikTok really embracing it. So what is one of your favourite videos you’ve seen used with the song? 

MW: There have been a few videos that people have done with their parents, and to me that’s so lovely as this all started with me filming videos with my parents. So it was really nice to see people re-creating that, using the song, and seeing their relationships with their parents and siblings. I felt really connected with them watching them. It’s really hard to choose just one. 

TB: Talking about TikTok, your dad’s reactions to everything is so heartwarming and hilarious.

MW: He loves it! It’s been so fun doing all the videos I’ve done with my parents. It’s been so nice to all come together in this way and show the connection we have. 

TB: Earlier this year you also released ‘Reasons’ which is a personal favourite of mine. When you hear the lyric “We’re just people made of broken pieces” back now, where does it take you emotionally and physically? 

MW: For me, that song was all about feeling a little bit lonely, and you can’t really connect but with this one particular person. You’re both broken in the same way, and there’s so many people in this world and you just feel alone. That lyric is very intense, it still hits hard even now. 

TB: Your debut single ‘Before I Go’ captured the very physical emotion of the immediate aftermath of a breakup. Was that a song that was written in the raw moment as a catharsis, or was it written in reflection later? 

MW: That was very much written in the moment. I was in a situation that was long distance and my life was so different to theirs, and it was just really hard as I couldn’t see them. Every time I walked out the door I wanted to pause reality and just be with them forever. So that was definitely a song in the moment. It really helped me get through the process and not be so hard on myself. It’s all about wanting to be with that one person, but just knowing that you can’t. 

TB: Let’s play a quick game of rapid fire questions, you ready? 

MW: I’m ready, let’s do it!

TB: The emoji that best describes my new single ‘Dumb Love’ is…

MW: The face with all the little love hearts around it.

TB: When I think of Australia I think of…

MW: Kangaroos!

TB: The colour of my toothbrush at the moment is…

MW: Pink!

TB: A hobby or weird obsession I picked up during lockdown has been…

MW: Cleaning my bedroom! I really enjoy going to sleep now with a clean bedroom *laughs*. 

TB: Pineapple on pizza is…

MW: I don’t like it! But I know a lot of people love it, so if you like it then you’re a legend *laughs* 

‘Dumb Love’ is out now!