SINGLE REVIEW: Will Hyde – boy.

Layered in introspective thoughts and deep vulnerability, Will Hyde’s debut EP ‘with u in mind.’ was a candid coming-of-age collection of tracks that introduced the singer, songwriter and producer to the world. With the dreamy soundscapes and ear worm hooks still gaining traction and playlist adds, he’s ready to continue the introspective reflections with his first single of 2021. 

‘boy.’ is deeply rooted in the coming-of-age experience that we all go through. Reflecting on the person he was only a few years ago to the young adult that he is becoming, he cites the complexities of not being completely happy with who you are, and feeling like you’re slightly letting your younger self down. But it’s important to embrace these thoughts and realise that this critical thinking is just apart of life as we are constantly evolving, learning and adapting. 

“Cause when I was younger I never thought that I would meet this side of me. But now that I’m older, I know all the failures are just the parts that made him me” he ponders before admitting “If that boy were to meet me, I don’t know if he’d like me. He’d probably say I’m a bad dream, while I’m here thinking the same thing”.

Complimenting the reflective tone of the lyrics, the production has this lightness led by an acoustic guitar that is then contrasted with a rhythmic pop beat that allows the song to grow. It has a dreamy tone to it that allows the listener to sit next to Will and see this sonical montage of self-reflection unfolding in front of them. It’s a moment of introspective thoughts that feels intimate and deeply-personal while also feeling comforting and universal at the same time.