We get told from a young age that our early twenties are going to be the “time of our lives”. It’s painted as this magical period of self-exploration and romanticised to be full of highs that you’re going to reflect on for the rest of your life. But in reality while there are so many playful highs, there are still so many lows that can heavily impact your mental health. UPSAHL has explored this interesting contrast in her third single ‘Time Of My Life’ from her forthcoming debut album. 

“I think I’m done with twenty one, this isn’t that much fun. I made a bunch of friends so I can use them as excuses to get drunk” she sings during the opening moments of this deeply honest track. She doesn’t hold back from telling listeners exactly how she feels, and people are going to take solace in knowing they aren’t alone in feeling this way. It’s really common to be depressed while still being able to acknowledge positive moments, but people just don’t openly talk about it due to being worried about stigmas. “So how come all the worst days are in the time of my life, time of my life, time of my life. Yeah baby it’s my birthday but I still wanna die, time of my life”. 

In classic UPSAHL fashion, there is a distinct playfulness that oozes through the songwriting and production, and in this song she particularly plays up to one of her biggest hits to date, ‘Drugs’, with a little cheeky easter-egg reference that fans will love; “I go to all the parties but I really only came here for the drugs”.

The brief 2 minute track packs in quite a punch with a bold baseline and handclaps that create this pulsating energy. Driving the song into the chorus she adds a bit of a pop beat to give it a bit of an elevated contrast, which in-turn creates this euphoric singalong moment that is going to be quite special in her future live shows.