SINGLE REVIEW: Toby Hobart – I think i’m in love with u

Brisbane based singer, songwriter and producer Toby Hobart has been rapidly growing a fanbase through TikTok and Instagram following the release of his introductory singles ‘Warrior’, ‘Blessing’, ’Think Of You’, ‘Wait’ and ‘October’. But now he’s ready to open a new chapter and showcase his impressive growth as a songwriter as he explores his introspective thoughts on love, heartbreak and mental health. 

‘i think i’m in love with u’ is Hobart’s first release of 2021 and signifies a coming-of-age moment for the nineteen year old as he highlights a lighter reflective side of his songwriting. Falling in love is an exciting time in anybody’s life and sometimes we just need to exclaim that idea out into the world, and that’s exactly what this song captures. It hears him acknowledging his feelings and trying to find the words to say it to somebody who seems oblivious to the idea that he has feelings for her. “Cause I think I’m in love with you. Please don’t hide. I know you don’t even have a clue” he sings during the refrain.

Layered by a laid-back pop meets RNB production, he pulls references from Alexander 23 and LAUV with a dreamy nostalgic wave of early 2000’s Disney-pop intertwined. Keeping it as a fresh and exciting listen, there is also an experimental production shining through that is similar to Jeremy Zucker who he cites as a big inspiration.  It helps make this track a really exciting and unpredictable listen from the moment you press play.

The melodies are slick and beautifully compliment the feeling of falling in love, and along with the production and lyricism he creates this dreamy aesthetic that heralds an exciting beginning to this new chapter.