SINGLE REVIEW: Banoffee – Idiot

Sometimes we all just need to cry, and that’s a fact. We’re all human, and we all experience heartbreak, and we all experience the gut-wrenching feeling of not feeling like we are enough. Melbourne based hyper-pop artist Banoffee has embraced that sentiment within her forthcoming sophomore album ‘Teartracks’ which will be released on October 8. This body of tracks celebrate the lows and highs of heartbreak and encourages listeners to just cry and be present with their feelings whether that’s sitting alone in your car with the speakers at full volume, or crying on a dance floor somewhere. 

To coincide with the albums announcement, she’s also dropped the hyper-relatable new single ‘Idiot’. This song captures all the self-destructive thoughts that follow in the wake of a break-up. It’s very common to feel like you’re hurting more than the other person, and to put a lot of the blame on yourself even though that may not be factually correct. This can lead you to wanting to do other things to transfer that pain. “I wanna hurt myself today. It’s been a while and I miss the pain I give out and get no gains” she honestly sings before adding “I’m sorry I missed you. You know that I’m hurting. Wanna stay in do bad things I regret. I’m an idiot”.

It’s a song that has a lot of intimate and honest feelings that aren’t sugar coated, and instead celebrate the beauty of feeling heartbroken. The production contrasts that really well by beginning with a very melodramatic beat that allows her vocals to be centre-stage as she unravels her truth. As she reaches the chorus, the DIY hyper-pop production explodes that represents the solidarity of being in this heartbreak state together and allows the listener to celebrate their feelings with Banoffee. 

With her debut album ‘Look At Us Now Dad’ released only a couple weeks before the global Covid-19 pandemic shut down the world, ‘Teartracks’ is an album created in the present moment with no distractions. It promises to be a brutally honest reflection of heartbreak, and judging by the two lead singles she’s certainly honed that.