SINGLE REVIEW: Au/Ra – Screw Feelings

Having feelings for someone genuinely sucks. Like it is nice for a brief moment but the rollercoaster of emotions that follows just doesn’t feel worth it sometimes. As someone who is insecure when it comes to relationships, I find myself overthinking every little thing the person does, and it leaves me not enjoying the warm feelings that falling for someone should celebrate. And apparently Au/Ra feels the same way as she’s dropped an anthem poignantly titled ‘Screw Feelings’. 

Taken from her forthcoming EP ‘Soundtrack To An Existential Crisis’ which will be released on August 27, this track hears her claiming her honest thoughts. “Screw feelings, I don’t want ’em anymore. One second I’m on fire then I’m bored. When I try them on, I end up insecure” she sings during the pulsating hook. But the line that really resonates is; “Butterflies are kinda nice I guess. But my tummy hurts, I’m getting sick of it”. She admits that it’s nice to feel this way towards someone, but then the anxiety kicks in and that nice feeling can quickly turn sour as she’s afraid of the good feeling turning bad. Sometimes it seems easier to self-sabotage and make yourself believe something bad is going to happen so you don’t get surprise hurt later. 

Contrasting this introspective reflection with a pulsating synth-pop production, the Antiguan-German singer-songwriter provides a soundscape that reflects the dark tone of the lyrics but also intertwines a hopeful pop shimmer. It’s immediately intoxicating, and will have you ready to hit replay on the song over and over again as you exclaim “screw feelings, I don’t want ‘em anymore” along with her.