5 Songs You Should Listen To From Billie Eilish’s New Album ‘Happier Than Ever’

Billie Eilish’s sophomore album ‘Happier Than Ever’ was always going to be one of the most anticipated albums of the year, and it was always going to be one that was heavily looked upon under a microscope. Luckily for her, it’s a record that stands its own ground and boldly shows a mature outlook from the singer-songwriter. The 16 track collection clocks in at just over 56 minutes, and welcomes listeners into this immersive melodramatic world of heartbreak, self-reflection and a reclamation of confidence. 

Aimed to be listened to from start to finish, this album is a coming-of-age journey as she navigates a toxic relationship that left her feeling her lowest while she should’ve been celebrating all the highs that were happening in her career. Sonically it doesn’t stray too far away from her debut album ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?’ and instead experiments with the heavy emotions through her songwriting and explicitly shares her feelings in a very direct manner. 

To celebrate the release of ‘Happier Than Ever’, we’ve compiled 5 of the best songs from the album that you NEED to listen to. Check it out BELOW;

5. Getting Older

‘Getting Older’ is the opening track on this album and it perfectly sets the tone with an intimate and vulnerable reflection on the past couple of years of her life. It almost plays as an overture to the album with a combination of themes unravelling through her songwriting as she addresses stalkers, love, trauma, and personal revelations. It’s one of the albums most direct moments lyrically as she shies away from being anything but explicitly honest. 

“I’ve had some trauma, did things I didn’t wanna. Was too afraid to tell ya, but now I think it’s time” she sings as she signposts just how honest she will be on this album about situations she’s been put in. But she also introspectively reflects on the way she acts with the very honest line; “Last week I realised I crave pity when I retell a story. I make everything sound worse”, which is a revelation that quite a lot of people need to make about themselves. 

4. Everybody Dies

All things come to an end, and that’s not something that should be surprising to anyone because at the end of the day we know that everyone dies from the moment we are born. We know that there is an end date to our time on this earth, and we know that relationships can end suddenly too which also requires grieving. ‘Everybody Dies’ captures that sentiment quite beautifully in this minimalist ballad which is a very somber moment of self-reflection. 

3. I Didn’t Change My Number

“I didn’t change my number, I only changed who I reply to” may just be my favourite lyric I’ve heard in 2021. On this track Billie explores being on the other side of a break up where you’re full of clarity and know that the best thing for you is to no longer have that person in your life. Setting up boundaries, she no longer replies to them and instead focuses on herself and people that lift her up instead of bringing her down. “Don’t take it out on me, I’m out of sympathy for you. Maybe you should leave before I get too mean” she honestly sings.

Opening with the growling of her dog and continuing that dark sonic by sampling a bark and mixing it with a trap inspired drum-pop beat, her and FINNEAS grow this very dominative soundscape that immediately becomes a standout for any fans of ‘Bury A Friend’ or ‘Bad Guy’. 

2. Not My Responsibility

Billie’s appearance has been something that media and trolls have been obsessed with since the very beginning, and to be honest, it’s super gross. She’s taking control of her own narrative and addressing them explicitly with this little fiery spoken-word track. This track was used as a video interlude on the arena version of her ‘Where Do We Go? World Tour’ and it’s something that is ultimately very important for everyone to hear as someone else’s physical appearance isn’t a welcoming talking point for you. 

1. Happier Than Ever

This may just be one of Billie Eilish’s best songs yet, and after a first listen you’ll understand why.  Beginning as a minimalistic acoustic guitar led ballad, her dreamy vocals have this breathy delivery that is so calming as she unravels a new found clarity in the wake of a toxic relationship ending. “When I’m away from you I’m happier than ever. Wish I could explain it better. I wish it wasn’t true” she sings during the dreamy refrain. 

As the song hits the 3 minute mark she surpassingly switches it up and gives you an Olivia Rodrigo styled pop-rock moment that will have you ready to scream the final lyrics out at the top of your lungs. “You ruined everything good. Always said you were misunderstood. Made all my moments your own. Just fucking leave me alone”. And damn, it’s a giant mood. This song is EVERYTHING, and we’re ready to have it have on repeat from now on. 

‘Happier Than Ever’ is out now!