SINGLE REVIEW: Remi Wolf – Liquor Store

Remi Wolf has boldly introduced herself to listeners with a vibrant and infectious collection of tracks that have in-turn made her a newcomer you really need to be acquainted with. Her debut album is slated for release later this year, and she’s just officially dropped the lead single which is a playful and colourful affair. 

On the surface ‘Liquor Store’ is a song with a distinct groove and a nostalgic early 2000’s melody that is fuelled by a sassy vocal delivery. But at the heart of the song is actually a reflection of something a lot deeper. Addressing her sobriety, she explores the person she became and acknowledges that she no longer wants to be that person and wanted to change. 

The song bounces between different perspectives to give you a full-rounded exploration. “Cause I always want more walking into the liquor store” she sings as she addresses the urge to drink more and more while “You can go if you want to, but you know my mind will be walking a tight rope. Cause you like having sex like an animal, and I keep thinking you’re running away from” hears her admitting her issues with abandonment that led her to a dependency on alcohol. But the lyrics that stand out the most are; “I’m three steps ahead of you, and now I’m waking up to a nightmare cause you like getting in bed with the enemy, and I keep thinking you’re running away” because they’re so fucking relatable. As someone who always predicts and speculates getting hurt in a relationship so I’m never *as* hurt, I felt THAT. 

There is a lot of layering and contrast to this song, and that’s why it’s such an interesting and bold lead single for the Californian singer-songwriter.  There’s so much more than meets the eye and it beckons a second listen.