SINGLE REVIEW: Lorde – Stoned At The Nail Salon

Lorde’s third studio album ‘Solar Power’ is in orbit with its August 20 release date around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited for the introspective intimate moments that are about to soundtrack the next year of our lives. Lead single and title track ‘Solar Power’ was a breezy Midsomer influenced moment about allowing yourself to get lost in the beauty of nature and everything around you, which captured the hopefulness she has been recently inspired by. But the follow up single ‘Stoned At The Nail Salon’ sees a slight shift in that direction with a intimate psychedelic ballad about disassociating. 

The light guitar led track produced by Jack Antonoff and Lorde is in the same vain as ‘Liability’. There is an emotional heaviness that is adherently there, but it’s not overwhelming in a way that it allows you to pick your own path of discourse when listening. This could be an emotional and deeply introspective song for some, or it may just be a dreamy spacious track for others. With backing vocals by Phoebe Bridgers, Clario and Marlon Williams, there are some beautiful harmonies that feel warm an comforting that help provide an open dialogue between Lorde and the listener. 

Pondering the moments she’s missed in her life, she starts to question if her life in on the path she truly wants as she starts to get older. It’s the common mid-twenties freakout that people just don’t talk about that we should embrace and celebrate as it’s not necessarily a bad thing to think this way. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings and to question the decisions you make as its the only way you will continue to keep growing. Proclaiming “Spend all the evenings you can with the people who raised you” and “cause all the music you loved at sixteen you’ll grow out of” she highlights her introspective thoughts before questioning; “maybe I’m just stoned at the nail salon, again”.

This is a track that feels like classic Lorde. It’s intimate, reflective and emotionally fuelled at its core.