SINGLE REVIEW: Camila Cabello – Don’t Go Yet

It’s been a little while in-between new music from Camila Cabello, but she’s ready to get you dancing again as she steers towards the release of her forthcoming third studio album ‘Familia’ slated for release later this year. ‘Don’t Go Yet’ is the intoxicating lead single, and it’s an immediately infectious Latin pop song that brings some Flamenco guitar to commercial airwaves. 

The Cuban-Mexican singer-songwriter has always proudly woven her roots into her music through songs like ‘Havana’, ‘Senorita’ and ‘Liar’, and now ‘Don’t Go Yet’ explicitly continues that sonical exploration. From the very first listen you are transported into a family house party with a playful sense of chaotic energy pulsating through the production. Its very vibrant and carefree, with a sense of seductiveness and storytelling sitting on the brim. 

Unravelling a story of wanting someone to stay, she describes imagining this moment in her head for a long time of this passionate moment with someone and just wanting it to go to plan. But as well all know, nothing ever goes to plan so she finds herself begging them not to go just yet and indulging in the fiery passion for a little bit longer. “I replayed this moment for months, alone in my head, waiting for it to come. I wrote all your lines in the scripts in my mind, and I hope that you follow it for once” she sings before asking “What you leaving for, whеn my night is yours? Just a little more, don’t go yet”. 

The hook is ridiculously catchy and radiates this positive aura that will have you immediately  singing and dancing along.