SINGLE REVIEW: VÉRITÉ – he’s not you

With a discography soaked in melodrama, we’ve really gotten used to unravelling heavy emotions with VÉRITÉ through experimental and brooding production. And on her new single ‘he’s not you’ the New York singer-songwriter has taken those roots and provided a new sonical perspective. 

At the core of this song is gut-wrenching heartbreak. The type where you’re not ready to move on, but you try to physically put yourself through the steps of moving on to try trick yourself that you’re okay. It’s the oldest trick in the book, and sometimes it can work, but in most cases you’re just left feeling even more hurt, confused and lost. But you push yourself through the motions and acknowledge how things could be fine without them but still wish for them to be in your life. “I don’t mind the way his mouth fits on mine, the way his teeth hit the light, the way his hands fit just right, better than yours did. But I’m still hung up on your silence. Trying to close my eyes and imagine a different life” she honestly sings before sliding into the slinky hook; “He’s not you, but you’re not here, and I’d still bе yours if you still cared. So I’m calling to somebody Who don’t know me likе you did”. 

Contrasting these introspective emotions with an upbeat production that interpolates a groovy baseline and complimenting synths, she takes her brooding roots and gives you an absolute foot stomper. This is a song that you’ll immediately want to experience in a live show with everyone around you passionately screaming the lyrics out and admitting how they wish their exes were still in their lives too. And it’s also one of her most commercially accessible releases yet that is begging for some radio loving. 

From the very first play you’ll be drawn into this late night aesthetic of vulnerable confessions and assertive confidence that makes this one addictive listen.