SINGLE REVIEW: Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers – AHHHH!

Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers are channeling the punk-rock energy we all need in our day-to-day lives by creating a discography of music that will quickly become your much sought after soundtrack. With a whole lot of angst and a punchy hook, their new single ‘AHHHH’ is one of their strongest releases yet and signals the beginning of a new chapter after signing to Domestic La La and joining UNIFIED Artist Management. 

Taking their punk roots and injecting a slight pop route to the songwriting, this track really amplifies the hook and creates a riot of emotional release. Written about knowing when you just need to cut ties with someone, they acknowledge the moment a relationship starts to fizzle out and the other person starts changing into someone you don’t necessarily like. “But you said you’d be hopeless when I’m gone, and I said I’m hopeless when you’re not” lead vocalist Anna Ryan sings before the cathartic “AHHHH!” echoes through the hook. They get playful with the lyrics and also deliver punchy little lines like; “You could be rich, I could be yours, but these are just things that you can’t afford”. 

The 2:24 minute track is a snappy vision of the rapidly building evolution of the Canberra four-piece. The guitar and drum driven production can be found sonically somewhere between WAXX meets renforshort and No Doubt, and if that doesn’t sell you in pressing play then I don’t know what else will.