SINGLE REVIEW: Slush Puppy feat. Royal & The Serpent – EAT SPIT!

Slush Puppy and Royal & The Serpent have teamed up for what may just be the most chaotic track of 2021. ‘EAT SPIT!’ hears the two Californian singer-songwriter’s colliding on a screamo meets hyperpop track that is totally in their own unique lane. The angsty headbanger is all about the energy they can pack into the 2 minute delivery. They immediately have you imagining yourself in a sweaty mosh pitt while they open up a circle pitt and let the collision occur when the punchy hook drops. 

Slush Puppy opens the song with a low and breathy vocal that is sort of reminiscent of Marilyn Manson on ‘This Is The New Shit’. With a hyper pop beat brewing, the chorus unleashes this head-banging beat where they both scream “Bad bitch, queen shit, icon. Eat spit, get dicked with the lights on”. And yes, that might just be my new favourite lyrics of the year.

Royal & The Serpent then comes in on the second verse for her own solo moment where she brings an extra serve of sass on the back of the hook. “Eat spit, get dicked with the lights on? Forreal, you think that seems enticing? I’d rather take a hook from Mike Tyson. Brass knucklеs made of diamonds” she sings. They then somehow both turn their energy up even higher for the final chorus that pushes the boundaries of screamo and hyper pop that will make Zheani a little jealous that she doesn’t feature on this track as well

‘EAT SPIT!’ is chaotic to its core but it’s also such a brilliant and energetic vibrant track that you’ll want to have on repeat while you run around and imagine you’re back in a mosh pit.