From the moment you started reading this article, you officially entered the Mukiverse. And this delusional alternative reality is the colourful and visually charged accompaniment of what her music feels and looks like to her. Muki’s musical journey has been an experimental evolution of finding her voice as a songwriter and honing her craft through co-writing with artists like The Veronicas, Jessica Mauboy and Jack Vidgen. Her solo music has in-turn taken a huge refining from the glitchy-pop debut single ‘Sassaparilla’ in 2017 to the dark and brooding world within her new EP ‘Car Crash Through Your Heart: Part 1’. 

The EP is an immersive collection of tracks that hear the Sydney based singer-songwriter opening up like she has never before. Addressing a toxic relationship that completely took its toll on her mental state, these songs take back the power that person tried to strip away from her. Using a contrasting glitchy and electronic pop production to set the soundscape, there are two surfaces to this body of work. There are the hook-centred melodies that will immediately draw in the listener, and then as you dive deeper there are these stories of broken trust and regaining power that are the true centre-piece. 

The extended cut of the EP (out now) takes these electronic-pop songs and strips them back to their vulnerably charged emotional roots with “sad girl versions” of each song. This allows the raw songwriting to really take centre-stage, as well as her strong vocals that are sometimes hidden behind the layered production to be highlighted. 

To celebrate the release of ‘Car Crash Through Your Heart: Part 1’ I sat down with Muki over zoom to dive into the raw vulnerability behind these bouncy and experimental tracks, and to discover what the “Mukiverse” actually represents to her within this project.Check out the full chat BELOW;

To dive into the heartbreak sentiment a little further, Muki has also created an exclusive Spotify playlist for poignantly titled ‘songs2breaktheirheart2’ and it’s full of 28 songs to do exactly that to. From Australian rising stars Tkay Maidza, Vetta Borne, Kira Puru and Jaguar Jonze, to living icons Robyn, Nelly Furtado, Britney Spears and Ariana Grande, there is a lot of confident energy here to embody.

‘Car Crash Through Your Heart: Part 1’ is out now!