5 Songs You Should Listen To From Tones And I’s Debut Album

Ever since the global breakthrough success of ‘Dance Monkey’, Tones And I’s debut album has been on the highly anticipated list of new releases, and finally the Byron Bay singer-songwriter is ready to unveil it to the world. ‘Welcome To The Madhouse’ is an ambitious and bold body of work that takes the choral soundscapes from her recent tour and further explores that melodic approach. This 14 track collection includes the recent bouncy singles ‘Fly Away’, ‘Cloudy Day’ and ‘Won’t Sleep’ but the rest of the record is full of fresh new music that her fans are going to be very excited to soak themselves in. With a range of heartfelt ballads to straight-fire bangers, this is truly an album of experimentation and self exploration. 

To celebrate the release of ‘Welcome To The Madhouse’, we’ve compiled 5 of the best songs from the album that you NEED to listen to. Check it out BELOW;

5. Sad Songs 

It’s not shocking that a song called ‘Sad Songs’ about sad songs made it into this countdown on this website. If you’re a longtime reader then you will know that I’m ALL about vulnerability and any essence of emotions, so a song about using sad songs to get you through a heartbreak is literally the key to my heart. With the hook; “I’m so sick of hearing old sad songs cause it makes me think of you. And I’m so sick of knowing that you’re gone but the sad songs help me through” ringing deep in my soul, I couldn’t help but feel immediately connected to it. 

4. Westside Lobby

Tones And I has received a lot of negative attention in her short time in the spotlight so far, and ‘Westside Lobby’ is a track directed at all the haters as she reassures them that she doesn’t give a single fuck. And it’s a very liberating and hilariously sassy track that will have you feeling proud of her for taking a stand. “There’s no place for you in music, so I hear. But my song went number one in over 30 fucking countries. And I’m sorry if that offends you my dear” she savagely sings. She really didn’t hold back, and it’s GREAT. 

3. Lonely 

‘Lonely’ has been a song in Tones And I’s live show for a little while now, and it’s evolved quite a lot into the studio version you hear on this album. The universal track is all about crippling anxiety and loneliness, and in a world where we’ve all been forced into isolation, it’s VERY relatable. “Why am I so damn lonely? Am I the only one who feels this way? Why am I so damn reckless? I can’t shake this, I’m not okay” she vulnerably confesses. Taking those raw feelings and turning it into a bouncy piano track with choral harmonies, the flow is quite reminiscent to Lizzo’s ‘Cuz I Love You’. 

2. Just A Mess

There’s just something about a heartbreak song that is so fulfilling, and ‘Just A Mess’ is THAT moment on this record. With pulsing piano keys and finger clicks, the production grows as she unravels a storyline of learning to let go from someone that made such an significant impact on her life. “We lied and told our friends that we were fine, and played pretend, but I’m so scared of being alone. And you’re the only one that feels like home” she confesses as admits there’s an issue but also that she’s afraid to let go as they are all she really knows. She then euphorically claims; “I know that I’m just a mess, and you’re just the person that changed my life”. It’s a very therapeutic song, and I really recommend having it played at a ridiculously loud volume. 

1. Cloudy Day

‘Cloudy Day’ is an upbeat and infectious track that might just be her catchiest release since ‘Dance Monkey’. Beginning with just a layered piano, she soothingly sings through the verse up to the chorus where she incorporates gospel choir inspired harmonies. Dropping a big euphoric pop beat, she unleashes this really carefree and positive energy that is so contagious. Sonically it’s a bit reminiscent of ‘Love Generation’ by Bob Sinclair with a very similar pulsating energy, and we could really do with more positive pop tracks like this in our lives. 

‘Welcome To The Madhouse’ is out now!