SINGLE REVIEW: Shakira – Don’t Wait Up

It’s been a little while in-between dance’s for Shakira with the release of ‘El Dorado’ in 2017, but she’s finally back with her first full English single since 2016’s ‘Try Everything’ and it’s a HIT. ‘Don’t Wait Up’ is a full immersion into the EDM-pop world for the Colombian singer-songwriter with a club ready hook that will echo in your head for hours.

Co-written with Emily Warren and Ian Kirkpatrick who are the duo behind Dua Lipa’s ‘Don’t Start Now’ and ‘New Rules’, they dive into the importance of space and time in a relationship. Sometimes things aren’t always smooth sailing, and love isn’t always meant to be easy, so the best thing one can do is take a step back and have some space in a moment that doesn’t need to be so heavy. “Do you remember how we lit up the room? And how you felt before you met all my different moods?” Shakira introspectively sings during the opening moments of the song before she asks for some space to go out by herself for a night to have a dance. “Don’t let your mind think it’s someone else, someone else. I need to do something for myself, oh, don’t wait up”. 

The EDM-pop production immediately transports you into a club where you’re dancing under the candy coloured strobe lights with a few alcoholic drinks running through your bloodstream. The pulsating production before the final chorus feels like a call-and-response method that could create a little dance off between friends on the dancefloor. Taking sonical elements from her 2014 single ‘Dare (La La La) off her last full English album, she completely dives into the EDM beat saturation and gives listeners a very fresh perspective into the evolution of Shakira as she prepares for her twelfth studio album, and I’m ready for more.