SINGLE REVIEW: Chelsea Cutler – Walking Away

Without fail Chelsea Cutler always finds a way to say the words I need to say, and that is ultimately the power of music. Her introspective, vulnerable and honest songwriting has immediately resonated with an audience who find themselves emotionally charged and needing to express their inner-thoughts. Her debut album ‘How To Be Human’ was a beautiful and poignant representation of that songwriting by creating a world of escapism for herself and her listeners. With her sophomore record ready to go, the singer, songwriter and producer has revealed the vulnerable lead single, and it’s a tear-jerker.

‘Walking Away’ is the perfect bridge between her debut album and this next chapter in her career. Soaked in the aching moments of heartbreak, this track is all about needing to move on from someone who you’re continually gravitated back towards. It’s about knowing the best thing for both of you to do is to let go of each other, but it’s complicated by the only thing really being wrong in the relationship is the timing in both of your worlds. Struggling to be the first one to say something is wrong, she opens the song with the lyrics; “You look at me and I look at you, like one of us might know what else to do”. Setting the scene perfectly she then maturely admits that it’s neither persons fault that it’s not working and that’s okay; “And it’s not your fault that we are here. It’s not your fault you want independence. Sometimes two people break when they’re bending, yeah. And it’s not my fault that we are here. It’s not my fault that I love intensely. Sometimes two people can’t make their ends meet, yeah”. 

The lyrics are really raw and vulnerable and there are multiple times where you’ll find yourself aching with her. Particularly with lyrics like; “Oh, I know I’m gonna miss waking up to you in the morning” or “It’s not my fault that I want my person. Sometimes two people can’t stop the hurting”. It perfectly captures the intensity of breaking up with someone in it’s complete melodramatic essence.

Complimenting the emotionally driven lyrical unravellings, the production has this dream-like attribute that is light and emotionally provoking. But as she builds up the sonic it leads into this euphoric release of emotions that almost celebrates that it’s okay to be in this moment and feel this way, which is really cathartic.