RÜFÜS DU SOL are back and are ready to help you feel something with the ethereal new single ‘Alive’. This brooding electronic track is the first teaser of new music since the release of their Grammy nominated third studio album ‘Solace’ in 2018. 

Deeply rooted in finding hope within the darkness, this track hears them acknowledging the painful thoughts that weigh so many of us down. But instead of staying lost they find a light of hope in the distance that they hold onto that reminds them that everything will get better and wounds will heal. “There’s a pain in my chest that I can’t describe. It takes me down and leaves me there” lead vocalist Tyrone Lindqvist introspectively sings during the opening moments before channeling the hopeful energy in the chorus; “I’m coming back again. I wanna live tonight”. 

Soaked in dark electronic production with pulsating surges, ‘Alive’ is a quintessential RÜFÜS DU SOL track. Upon the very first listen you can already imagine yourself in the middle of a mosh pitt at their live show saturated in blue lighting with the beat travelling through you. There’s a cathartic and healing essence will have you hitting replay on it instantly as you take comfort in the 5 and a half minute track.