SINGLE REVIEW: Miiesha – Made For Silence

Miiesha is a star. Her raw honesty and vulnerability has been so incredible to watch unfold through the release of her debut album ‘Nyaaringu’ last year. As she steps into the next chapter of her musical journey, the Woorabinda singer-songwriter isn’t holding back from experimenting with her sound. ‘Made For Silence’ is the follow-up single to the brooding ‘Damaged’, and it couldn’t be further worlds-apart sonically. 

Opening with a slinky bass riff reminiscent of Kanye West’s ‘Fade’, she adds finger clicks and cymbals before dropping a pulsating synth production that takes her into a whole new electronic soundscape. This bouncy track is a first for Miiesha and it’s a sound that I hope she further explores on her upcoming project as there is a really interesting and prominent contrast to her lyricism. 

Reflecting on her relationship with her mother, she sings about how sometimes you just need space and silence from all of the fighting and toxic energy to be able to repair the damaged roots in the relationship. “You talk but you’ve got a mouth made for silence. I’m thinking it’s about time you tried it” she sings during the hypnotic hook.

‘Made For Silence’ is a experimental but still vulnerable track that steers Miiesha in an exciting new direction and highlights an evolution she’s ready to explore further.