SINGLE REVIEW: Baby Queen – You Shaped Hole

Baby Queen is being heralded into the industry as your new anti-hero pop star, and with a growing discography of honest bangers she really is becoming someone you need to take notice of. Her debut mixtape ‘The Yearbook’ is slated for a September 3 release and to coincide with the announcement she’s dropped a new confessional track.

‘You Shaped Hole’ is a bouncy but honest pop track that can sonically be found somewhere between Lily Allen, Kate Nash and Katy Perry. The South Africa-born, London-based singer-songwriter explores the vulnerable reality of heartbreak through watching her ex move on with someone new while still feeling a numb emptiness inside of her that can’t be fixed with any temporary highs. “There’s a hole inside of me and it’s shaped like you” she confesses as she explains the feeling in a very literal sense. Anyone that has been through a devastating heartbreak will be able to ultimately relate as it can feel so pointless to move on as you feel like you’ll never be able to fill that void. “The heart didn’t break, it ceased to exist” she sings before adding “I stayed alive only to prove to me that I could live without you. I could breathe the air in places you have never been to shine for people you will never meet. But every single light inside of me died when you picked somebody prettier than me to fill the hole I left inside of you”, and ooft she really didn’t hold back. 

The production is really bouncy, light and ultra-pop centred which is a great continuation of the foundations sets by ‘Dover Beach’ and ‘American Dream’. It provides a strong contrast to the emotional unravelling that lays beneath the surface and gives the listener a form of escapism from their own heartbreak.