SINGLE REVIEW: Orla Gartland – You’re Not Special, Babe

Life just sometimes gets really overwhelming. You can be so aware of everything else happening around you but still be so focused on the pity party that plays on a continuous loop in your head. But in those moments you need to remind yourself that you’re not special and that everyone is going through the exact same feelings of confusion, being lost and heartbreak. And that realisation is what Orla Gartland has explored on her new single ‘You’re Not Special, Babe’ from her forthcoming debut album ‘Woman On The Internet’ which will released on August 20. 

This track hears the Dublin singer-songwriter delivering a whole lot of introspective truths as she tries to remind herself of the reality of it all. “Everyone fucks up and then breaks up and then makes up. Everyone has days where they don’t wanna wake up. Everyone loves, everyone loses and they’re on their own” she honestly sings. She spits out all of these truths with a slight spoken-word flair that you know will become a really special moment in her live show. She then contrasts that delivery with a smooth hook that is ridiculously catchy and perfectly encapsulates the sentiment of the song. “You’re not special, babe. I know you feel like your life is one big mistake. I am right there on your side. You’re not special, babe. Cause we all go from heartbreak to happy to heartbreak. Some things just don’t change”.

The guitar driven sonic builds with synths, vocoder, piano, and little chant “no’s” in the chorus which creates this bouncy energy that feels light while lyrically unravelling something a lot deeper and introspective. This has instantly become one of my favourite Orla Gartland tracks to date, and every time I hear it I feel the excitement that I felt when I first heard it.