SINGLE REVIEW: carolesdaughter – please put me in a medically induced coma

“Please put me in a medically induced coma” – yes. I feel like we’ve all wished this at least once in our lives. And maybe if you’re an emotional star sign like myself then it’s probably more regularly than you’d like to admit. But it’s the idea of just not wanting to deal with your issues and wanting to sleep for a long time that you wake up and the issues are no longer relevant and you don’t have to feel them. Carolesdaughter has captured that essence in her new single where she sings “It’d be so easy to sleep, but I can’t. I can’t hurt if I’m in a dream, so that’s the plan” and that’s one of the most relatable things I’ve heard in a song. 

The punchy hook driven pop-rock track has this playful energy that will have you wanting to bounce around in a mosh pitt and sing the infectious hook back at her. But as you strip away the production you start to see how dark and emotionally raw this song actually is. “Don’t make me live awake. I’m tired and I don’t wanna” she sings as she admits that she feels exhausted with the feelings that are boiling up in her head. And then the self destructive thoughts shine through as she sings “Bad memories on the forefront of my mind. I can’t get ’em to leave at peace, I can’t fight. My bones are broken, but I don’t feel it. I had potential, but of course, I blew it”.

The Californian singer-songwriter broke through TikTok last year with the melodically charged ‘Violent’ which took over the app with its catchy hook. As she heads towards the release of her forthcoming debut EP, ‘please put me in a medically induced coma’ is a very timely and relevant track for anyone who has/is struggling with their mental state during this confusing time. It also gives ‘Violent’ a run for its money in being her catchiest single to date.