SINGLE REVIEWS: Urban Cone, Maisie Peters, Luke Hemmings, Iggy Azalea, George Rose

Urban Cone – Never Enough

Three years ago Urban Cone announced their disbandment ahead of their highly anticipated third studio album. With a global fanbase rapidly building following the success of their sophomore record ‘Polaroid Memories’ and their anthemic follow up single ‘Old School’, it felt like a weird time for the Swedish four-piece to say goodbye. 

But after a little bit of space, they’ve excitingly returned with a euphoric comeback single that perfectly captures the rush of energy that their music has always embodied. ‘Never Enough’ is a song all about falling in love with someone, and the intoxicating feelings that overcomes you that you don’t want to ever stop. “This feeling, never enough with you” lead vocalist Rasmus Flyckt exclaims during the carefree hook.

Throughout the verses they dive into all of these intense but beautiful feelings that sort of takeover your thought processes in the most genuine way. “Always shaking the first time. Always kiss me, I don’t mind. All day long for the weekend, long for the weekend. Wake me up when I’m feeling lonely. Tell me that I am the only. I keep coming back for you, keep coming back for you” Flyckt sings. And if you’ve ever been in love then you will feel every single one of these thoughts right in your heart and soul. 

The indie-pop production returns to their playful and energetic sound that was behind songs like ‘Old School’ and ‘We Are Skeletons’ with a slick polish that makes it ready to become a defining summer anthem. It’s a song that I for one cannot wait to hear live and feel the crowd euphorically singalong as they let their worries disappear. Welcome back Urban Cone!

Maisie Peters – Psycho

Following her recent signing to Ed Sheeran’s label ‘Gingerbread Records’, Maisie Peters is finally releasing her debut album ‘You Signed Up For This’ on August 27. Ready to deliver a whole lot of heavy emotions and summer ready anthems, the British singer-songwriter has dropped the pulsating second single ‘Psycho’ that truly echoes why her debut album is one you need to pre-order. 

This playfully addictive track is one of Peters’ most pop-centric releases yet with a really positive leaning production contrasting the frustration and hurt around an unfortunate dating situation. Reflecting on how she was dating a guy who didn’t really have feelings for her and was secretly dating other girls at the same time, she finds herself moving on. But as soon as she does, he comes back into her life and starts telling her “how he really feels” to get her to continue holding onto this dismal “relationship” built on lies. “You wanna talk? Not ideal. Heard I moved on? Babe, that’s real. And you’ve got a girl, but you still call me psycho” she sings during the punchy hook. 

The song plays up to the “psycho” narrative with her comparing him to Patrick Bateman (from American Psycho), and has an empowering twist that sees her befriending all of his exes that share the same story. “All your exes found me and so beware. We’re all friends now, maybe you should be scared. You’re so crazy. Baby, who has two phones? One for her and one to still call me psycho”. 

After the very first listen you will find yourself hooked and immediately putting it on replay as you think about that one person from your past who just won’t disappear. 

Luke Hemmings – Starting Line

The on-going global pandemic has been really inconvenient for pretty much everyone. And 5SOS were particularly hit hard with their fourth studio album ‘Calm’ coming out right at the start of lockdown. So while they’ve been on a hiatus waiting to tour again, some of the boys have experimented on the solo projects they’ve always dreamed about fulfilling. 

Luke Hemmings is the second member to bring his project into the world, and his debut single ‘Starting Line’ is a poignant embodiment of that. It’s a bold beginning that teases the personal and sonical exploration that unravels on his debut album ‘When Facing the Things We Turn Away from’ which will be released on August 13. 

Reflecting on the fast paced lifestyle he’s lived ever since he was a teenager, he addresses the blurred memories that he aches to remember. “I wake up every morning with the years ticking by. I’m missing all these memories, maybe they were never mine” he honestly sings. 

Sonically found somewhere in-between Gang Of Youths and The 1975, the song is really mature and experimental at its core compared to the previous hooky-pop punch you’ve come to know and love from 5SOS. It allows him to showcase his storytelling, and tap more into his vulnerability. Beginning tenderly on the piano it builds with electrifying guitars, big drums and layered vocals that give this epic swelling effect. 

‘Starting Line’ is truly a strong starting line for Luke Hemmings. 

Iggy Azalea – I Am The Stripclub

Iggy Azalea wants you to know that she is the strip club on her bouncy new single ‘I Am The StripClub’ taken from her forthcoming third studio album ‘End Of An Era’. The empowered dance fuelled hip-hop track is a reminder to herself that she IS the bitch, and that she can have a good time by herself because she is the party, which is something I think we all need to remember every now and then as it’s easy to lose your worth within someone else or a situation. 

“Don’t want your love, don’t want your problems. Just need all of, all of the dollars. I do the lap dance, I ride the pole up. I am The Stripclub” she proclaims during the bouncy hook. 

The production follows in the footsteps of ‘Sip It’ and pushes the boundaries even further with a heavier dance influenced beat shining through. This is a sound that was missing on her last album ‘In My Defense’, so it’s genuinely exciting to see her reclaim the dance side of her artistry that has been hiding in the shadows for a little while. 

George Rose – georgio x

British newcomer George Rose has been delivering some underrated bops over the past year from summer anthems to intimate mental health explorations. And now he’s dropping his boldest track yet with the playful and contrasting ‘georgio x’.

We all have an alter-ego that we like to blame on a night out when we get a little too messy, or when we get a little emotional and overreact in a situation where we wish we were more controlled. And GWe all have an alter-ego that we like to blame on a night out when we get a little too messy, or when we get a little emotional and overreact in a situation where we wish we were more controlled. And George Rose has revealed his alter-ego “georgio” who he blames for some of his darkest times in the past couple of years. Battling with the effects of alcoholism and taking things too far, he looks negatively at the impact “georgio” has had on his life and questions why he allows this side off him to have such a control. “The blame is set on me” he confesses before singing “I think I’ve lost my head for the thousandth time this year. Can you put me to bed? When I wake I fill with fear. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, for all the bad things that he has done. Georgio is never coming out to play, Georgio has ruined my life again”. 

Contrasting the heavy self-reflection with a bouncy production that can be found somewhere between The Great Gatsby and The 1975, he creates this really playful interpretation. While there is a heavier sentiment at the heart of the song, you could also look at this song as a bit of celebration of making mistakes which is all apart of our human condition. 

This is yet another strong track from George Rose which certainly cements him as an artist to keep tabs on.

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