5 Must Listen Songs From The New Doja Cat Album ‘Planet Her’

Doja Cat’s third studio album ‘Planet Her’ Doja Cat’s third studio album ‘Planet Her’ is a diverse and explorative body of work that re-introduces you to the pop star the world has currently got to know with the success of ‘Say So’, ‘Kiss Me More’, ‘Streets’, ‘Boss Bitch’ and ‘Like That’. There is so much more to her artistry than just chart topping bangers with sweet hooks that will get stuck in your head immediately, and while this album definitely has those, there is also so much more to unpack which is truly the biggest takeaway from this record. 

To celebrate the release of ‘Planet Her’ I’ve selected 5 songs that I think you REALLY need to listen that perfectly capture the exciting evolution of who Doja Cat is as an artist, and why she’s one of the biggest names in pop and RNB. 

5. Love To Dream

‘Love To Dream’ is a dreamy ballad moment that taps into a sound you’re more familiar with from SZA, but it suits Doja Cat so well. Her vocals are very strong, so it’s great to hear singing more in a melodic and heartfelt way compared to the big pop hooks or fierce rapping side of her artistry that we’ve heard previously. 

This song is the perfect embodiment of the growth and personal discovery that is explored throughout the album. From opening with a few hookier tracks, she spends the rest of the album experimenting with her vocal delivery and delivers a couple of surprising moments that are less gimmicky and it’s a total vibe. 

4. Woman

Opening the record with a Afrobeat that is reminiscent of early Rihanna intertwined with some Nicki Minaj, this song is an absolute ANTHEM. Written as an ode to uplift all of the empowering women in her life, she wants to highlight all of the incredible traits that make her proud to be a woman and make note that no one can bring them down. “They wanna pit us against each other when we succeed. And for no reasons they wanna see us end up like we Regina on Mean Girls” she raps during the second verse. 

But the chorus has a bit of a sultry twist that is so addictive and will have you exclaiming; “Let me be your woman, woman, woman, woman. I can be your woman, woman, woman, woman”. 

3. Ain’t Shit

This is a song that immediately slaps. With a piano refrain similar to Frank Ocean’s ‘Super Rich Kids’, the song oozes this calmness vocally with the sensual delivery of the hook while still showing a whole lot of personality in the bouncy verses. 

Also, “Logical thinkin’ is just something that you lack, so what you even mad for? Lookin’ like a stick up in your asshole” is one of my new favourite lyrics. She really READ that person for filth. 

2. You Right feat. The Weeknd

This album packs some huge collaborations with artists that you’d be stupid to not be excited about. And one of those is ‘You Right’ featuring The Weeknd. Following in the footsteps of their ‘In Your Eyes’ remix, this sultry track is all about crossing the lines of wanting someone while you’re already with someone else. “I got a man, but I want you” she confesses during the seductive hook. The addictive downtempo RNB beat sets the tone so effortlessly and drives the naughty nature of the song.

1. I Don’t Do Drugs feat. Ariana Grande

Another highly anticipated collaboration was ‘I Don’t Do Drugs’ featuring Ariana Grande which marks their third time collaborating together. This time they deliver a gritty RNB beat with a soothing pop hook that creates a little summer singalong. The flirty track is all about being so intoxicated by someone that you feel on a constant high around them but you don’t need to do drugs to feel it. “You know you got me fucked up, got me on stuck, chasin’ that rush. Had to give in, couldn’t give up. I just want you, but I don’t do drugs” they sing during the hook. It’s a song that anyone in love will be able to relate to and will be ready to add to their “night time” playlists, if you catch my drift. 

Also notable mentions to; ‘Tonight’ feat. Eve, ‘Naked’ and obviously ‘Kiss Me More’ feat. SZA which are all BANGERS in their own right. 

‘Planet Her’ is out now!