5 Must Listen Songs From The Veronicas New Album ‘Human’

The Veronicas have stepped into 2021 as the most confident, assertive, and honest versions of themselves possible. With seven years between albums, the Brisbane based twins have decided to give fans a year of new music with not one but two new records. In May they delivered their experimental fourth studio album ‘Godzilla’ which was sonically found somewhere in-between ‘Hook Me Up’ and their self-titled record. It was darker at its foundations and really honed in on a sense of nostalgia through their songwriting. But now they’ve dropped their fifth studio album ‘Human’ which is the complete opposite of that with vulnerable storytelling of heartbreak and toxicity through a polished pop lens taking centre stage. 

This is the album fans were most excited to hear as it’s heartfelt to its very core, while also giving you ear-worm pop hooks that you won’t be able to get out of your head. To celebrate the release of ‘Human’ I’ve selected 5 songs that I think you REALLY need to listen that perfectly capture the vulnerable and celebratory pop nature of the album. 

5. Human

The very important title track perfectly closes the record with its poignant messaging that we’re all only human and sometimes we fuck things up, and it’s okay. We put musicians and celebrities on a pedestal where we think they need to be perfect all the time, but the truth is they can’t be as they’re no different to you or I. So this song celebrates their identities as humans and not as celebrities through a tropical pop production that feels uplifting and freeing. 

4. Out Of Time feat. Wrabel

As soon as I saw Wrabel and The Veronicas had teamed up on this album I was VERY excited to hear the emotions that were going to unravel through this track. Beginning in synth ballad form, ‘Out Of Time’ hears Wrabel setting the tone of the heartbreak track with the inevitable future of a break-up coming into fruition. As the song progresses and Lisa and Jess add their vocals they continue to evolve the storyline of how they feel like they’re running out of time with their loved one.   With a big synth production igniting at the 1:50 mark the dramatic mood of the song is amplified in a very confident and assertive way. 

3. Lies feat. MUKI

Premiering a snippet of this song during an interlude on their current national tour, ‘Lies’ hears The Veronicas experimenting with a hyper-pop sound and it’s as good as you could only imagine it to be. Collaborating with MUKI, who is one of Australia’s leading experimental pop acts, they address toxic relationships in a very savage and playful manner. From the opening refrain of “You don’t need my kiss, you need God consciousness” to “You were such a nightmare tryna get to Heaven”, they don’t hold back, and it’s so fierce!

2. Jealous

Ahhhh ‘Jealous’ is the synth-pop anthem we’ve needed from The Veronicas, and you’re going to be absolutely obsessed from the moment you hear this addictive track. Sonically found somewhere between Dua Lipa, Madonna and Kylie Minogue, the pulsating synth production has this raw energy that charges through your veins and will have you gravitating immediately towards an open space to start dancing. The production builds so boldly, and I haven’t stopped thinking about the tempo of the first chorus refrain which feels like your transported to a slowed down matrix. OBSESSED. 

1. Without You

‘‘Without You’ is a very special song that has been waiting in the wings to have its moment for a long time now. After teasing the song on Instagram and Facebook at the start of 2019, fans have been eagerly awaiting to hear this vulnerable track in full. The piano ballad is as raw and captivating as the powerful ‘You Ruin Me’ which reigned-in their return to music under Sony Music Australia in 2014. Allowing just their vocals to take centre-stage along with the powerful lyrics that address reclaiming your own self-worth in the wake of a toxic relationship, this is going to be a song that will help soothe a lot of people’s personal wounds and that’s a very beautiful thing. 

‘Human’ is out now!