SINGLE REVIEW: Lorde – Solar Power

Lorde’s return has been 4 years in the making, and she’s finally ready to bless the world with her third studio album ‘Solar Power’ which is slated for release this summer (winter time for Australian and New Zealand readers… so yes, VERY soon). To coincide with the big announcement she’s also dropped the title track which unveils the breezy summer sonical direction this new era hears her heading in. 

Opening with a stripped back guitar similar to ‘The Louvre’, she keeps the production in a minimalistic soundscape with layered vocals building the vision gradually. Once she reaches the final chorus she explodes with a euphoric summer production that is still light and could be the perfect soundtrack to a coastal drive. Lacking the same sonical punch of the songs from ‘Melodrama’, this track is very chilled out, and hints at the breezier and organic direction she’s been experimenting with and it’s totally refreshing. 

Lyrically making reference to nature and the environment around her, she encourages the listener to immerse themselves in the beauty of the people surrounding them and get lost in the wonder of it all. “Forget all of thе tears that you’ve cried. It’s ovеr. It’s a new state of mind. Are you coming, my baby?” she sings during the carefree hook. But the lyric that has got everyone talking is the sassy; “I’m kinda like a prettier jesus”, and I’m ready to set that used all over social media from now on. 

‘Solar Power’ has already divided fans and listeners by its very chilled out soundscape, but to be honest, it’s refreshing and a bold introduction to this next chapter.  There’s a lightness she needed to share, and that’s what this next album embraces.