We all need to learn to love ourselves better. It’s a fact. I for one am not great at it somedays, and UPSAHL is confessing the same with her new single ‘Melatonin’. “Got a bad taste in my mouth from all that shit talking to myself” she sings during the opening moments of the song as she lays down the vulnerable foundations of this self-aware song. Confessing that she’s not sleeping well because of her anxiety and depression, she resorts to melatonin pills to try help her get through this patch of insomnia. 

“I think I had too much to dream last night (fighting with my feelings). I feel like I didn’t sleep last night (only when I’m dreaming)” she then sings during the slinky hook. But it’s the ultra relatable line “Stressed out with circles under my eyes” that will make you feel personally called out. 

The production begins with her crooning over some piano keys before a sleek guitar riff abruptly kicks into gear and guides the song into this pulsating groove. It has this raw energy about it that will immediately excite you and have you ready to click replay. Her production is always so bold, and this song is no different. 

‘Melatonin’ is the second chapter from UPSAHL’s forthcoming debut album, and it’s another experimentally charged track with punchy and relatable lyrics that you’ll want to etch on your skin and wear like a badge of vulnerable pride.