SINGLE REVIEW: Mimi Webb – Dumb Love

Young love is one of the most intense, exciting and passionate feelings you could imagine. It’s the head over heels feeling that you can’t stop thinking about, and one that will have you doing anything just so you can stay in their orbit. But it’s also known as dumb love because you are blinded by the ecstasy of it which finds you making some bad decisions. Exploring that ideology further, Mimi Webb’s new single ‘Dumb Love’ is a soulful pop moment that you coincidently won’t be able to get out of your head. 

Highlighting the intensity of the feelings, she outlines the sort of things you would do for someone when you’re found in the young love scenario. “We had that young love, we had that dumb love. The kind that cuts you up inside, my blood was your love. We had that you jump and I’m jumping crazy kind of something, that dumb love” she sings during the bold hook. 

Following into the footsteps of her soulfully charged track ‘Good Without’, this song compliments that sound very well with a Emeli Sande feel to the organic production. The drums in the chorus elevate the track a lot and add to the soulful drama of the song. It’s a song that immediately captivates your attention and will have you in awe of her powerhouse vocals that are truly the centre piece of the track.