SINGLE REVIEW: Ava Max – EveryTime I Cry

I don’t think Ava Max sleeps. Like, honestly. The American singer-songwriter only put out her debut album ‘Heaven & Hell’ in September last year and she’s already feeding us so much more new music. Adding to the continuous fire is the foot stomper ‘EveryTime I Cry’ which is another disco influenced banger. 

Soaked in a dark aesthetic with a piano driven base, she builds up the production with pop intertwined house beats and classic disco percussion. It’s a great continuation of ‘My Head & My Heart’ with its sonical exploration, and on this track she finds her own original hook which is just as catchy. It’s a song that builds throughout its duration and gives you rhythmic highs and lows that will have you ready to cut moves on the dance floor. 

The empowering pop track is all under the wisdom of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Finding that sentiment within the hook where she sings “Every time I cry, I get a little bit stronger” she celebrates her emotions under a positive light which truly is an important message to embrace.

Ava Max is an incredible songwriter, and she knows how to create something that will get stuck in your head, and ‘EveryTime I Cry’ is further proof of that.