SINGLE REVIEW: Cat & Calmell – get old

Cat & Calmell are unapologetically introducing themselves to the world with an unfiltered collision of confidence and vulnerability. Their debut EP ‘Life Of Mine’ will be released on June 25 and hears them highlighting their understanding of the coming of age years through eight honest tracks. While we wait 2 more weeks for the full project, they’ve dropped another punchy single that will have you falling deeper in love with the Sydney based duo. 

‘get old’ follows in the same angsty and unapologetic lyrical vein as ‘dramatic’ and ‘dumbshit’ but this time they’ve channelled a guitar led pop-punk sonic. It’s electrically charged and you can immediately imagine it fully popping-off in a live setting. It’s a sound that’s really making a huge commercial comeback at the moment, and they’ve taken that and adapted it into their own sound without compromising their vision. 

Commentating on the coming of age realisation of what it means to be a 20-something year old, you start wishing you were younger again or could fast forward to where things aren’t as complicated, and that’s a giant mood! “I wish I was seventeen. Start of my depression. Still stressed about my skin. But now, this time, I’m broke. The big twenty-two is near. But what have I done all year? I’m a piece of shit, I hear my sister’s our last hope” they sing during the opening verse before proclaiming “I can’t wait to get old” in the anthemic hook. 

‘get old’ is an anthem for anyone currently stuck in the in-between. With it’s big punchy hook, you will be ready to therapeutically scream it at their next live show or in the comfort of your home for Splendour XR.