SINGLE REVIEW: JP Saxe – More Of You

Falling in love is something that is blatantly terrifying. There is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for it no matter how hard you try. But it’s also an absolutely beautiful thing and when you find yourself in that situation you are met with a contrast of both feelings that take over your whole body. Ahead of the release of JP Saxe’s debut album ‘Dangerous Levels Of Introspection’ which will be released on June 25, the Canadian singer-songwriter has captured those feelings in melodic form.

‘More Of You’ is a song that is all about the raw feeling of falling in love with someone and being scared but willing to dive deep. It’s the human aspect of getting to know someone and just wanting to be around them more and more, and wanting to know more and more about who they are. “You scare me, but I’m not afraid of it. You make me nervous, but I wanna stay in it. I tend to complicate it, find fancy ways to say, I just want more of you” he sings during the beautiful hook. As he unravels his feelings he admits; “I probably love you but it freaks me out sayin’ it” which commentates on the terrifying reality of being vulnerable with someone and the possibility of getting hurt in the process. 

Complimenting the vulnerability of the lyrics, the production is light and focuses on his harmonies and vocal layering that adds this sweeping cinematic flair. It’s sincere, honest and raw.

‘More Of You’ is a beautifully vulnerable and sincere song that will have your hearts swooning even if you’re not in love. And if you are in love, or currently falling for someone, then this may just become the soundtrack to this moment in your life.