Gold Coast singer-songwriter DENNIS. has been introducing herself to listeners through a string of pulsating pop tracks that have heard her unravelling emotions and experimenting with different pop angles. But with her new single ‘Stuck In My Ways’ she’s ready to deliver her best one yet, and you better be ready to have it on heavy rotation. 

The introspective track is a time capsule of the raw and sometimes overwhelming feelings that surround moving in with a partner for the first time. It’s about acknowledging the way that they have  you falling head over heels every time you see them and genuinely wanting to be around them 24/7 and making them your home. It’s pretty fucking cute. “Now I feel it from my head to my toes. Just when I thought that I was fine on my own, you got up in my heart and then my head it followed. What would you say if I now called you my home” she emotively sings. 

Giving it a strong pop polish, the production has this Julia Michaels meets FLETCHER and Maisie Peters sound to it that is emotively charged but still very palatable. There are a few cool production quirks that breaks up the verses and choruses well without being disjointing. The main emotion this track invokes is joy, and it’s that loved up kind that is so simultaneously intoxicating and scary but you can’t help but keep going back.

‘Stuck In My Ways’ is a song that will immediately captivate you with its raw heart and strong pop polish. You won’t be able to deny that this is her strongest track yet and one that you won’t want to take off heavy rotation.