VIDEO PREMIERE: Joel Adams – Goodbye

Joel Adams is an artist you probably don’t realise that you know, but he’s ready to change that. His debut single ‘Please Don’t Go’ hit viral status in 2015 and has now amassed over 550 million streams on Spotify alone. Since then he’s been honing his songwriting craft and navigating the segue into adulthood.

Earlier this year he begun a new chapter through the release of his single ‘Papercuts’ followed by a homecoming run of Queensland headline shows. Capturing his growth personally and artistically, he wowed audiences with his completely solo and vulnerable live set. A standout unreleased favourite was the heartbreakingly honest track about a toxic relationship called ‘Goodbye’. Officially releasing that track to the world, he lets it all lay out in the open and reiterates that sometimes you can’t always leave a “goodbye” on good terms. is so excited to premiere the music video for ‘Goodbye’ which sees him saturated in moody red and blue lighting that captures the emotional intensity behind the lyrics. Check it out BELOW;

To celebrate the release of ‘Goodbye’ I had a little chat to Joel Adams about the heavy emotions behind the song and the visual representation he wanted to capture with the music video. Check it out!

THOMAS BLEACH: Your new single ‘Goodbye’ is an emotionally penned track thats all about the affects of a toxic relationship. So can you explain the creative process behind this track?

JOEL ADAMS: I really started this track trying to find a melody that would really hook me and built it up on a loop pedal. Then once I had the hook I decided to write it seemingly around that concept. I wrote this song based on a toxic relationship, however it also relates to loosing an innocence or a younger part of your self that you once had and how we grow up so fast and never get the chance to look back. 

TB: You’ve played this track previously in your live set. From playing it live and hearing audience feedback before the song has even come out, did you start to have a different perspective emotionally on any elements of it or change anything about the song last min?

JA: Absolutely I remember I played the song at a show and someone came up to me and told me that song reminded me of someone close to them that passed away. It brought a whole new meaning to the song. 

TB: What is your favourite lyric from the song?

JA: My favourite lyric is “trying to keep it simple without loosing anymore” because it is about hiding from the truth that something is over when it is clearly over. 

TB: The music video is a moody affair that focuses on the pure delivery of the emotion. Why was this important for you to convey visually in a raw way?

JA: Honestly I love visually aesthetic moody videos. So I really wanted the video to be simple but look great. As you can tell there’s not much storyline and instead it’s more about the visuals and the shots. 

TB: The video is soaked in red and blue lighting which creates quite the mood. So what is it specifically about these colours that represents the track to you?

JA: Well like I said I just loved how the red looked. And my last EP was a blue theme and I feel the red feels a little more mature and looks stunning in all the artwork and videos.

TB: Did anything funny, strange or weird happen during the video shoot?

JA: Not really to be honest, although I’ll tell you It was freezing being on a Melbourne beach at night in June *laughs*!

TB: You’re about to open for The Veronicas in Tweed Heads this weekend. So if you had to choose a song from their back catalog to do a cover of a bring a Joel Adams twist to, what song would you choose?

JA: Have to go with the classic… so ‘Untouched’ all the way! 

‘Goodbye’ is out now!