5 Must Listen Songs From The Veronicas New Album

The Veronicas have never played it safe. Always experimenting with their sound and vision as artists, they’ve grown a lot since we were first introduced to them in 2005 with ‘4Ever’. From the pop-rock vision behind their debut album ‘The Secret Life Of…’, to the electronic influenced pop of ‘Hook Me Up’, to the vulnerable pop behind their self titled album, they’ve always open their heart to listeners with an added punch of angst. With the release of their fourth studio album ‘Godzilla’ the twin sister duo are inserting the most unapologetic version of themselves yet. 

This collection of twelve tracks is a deep dive into the varied influences that make up their artistry. From working with Toby Gad on the title track, ‘Kaleidoscope’ and ‘In It To Win It’ who was the same producer who work on ‘Untouched’, to working with Travis Barker from Blink 182 on ‘Silent’, to then delivering some stunning nostalgic pop tracks like ‘High Score’ and ‘Stealing Cars’ that sound like they were taken straight off a film soundtrack; this record is truly a collection of different moments in time. It’s a collection of different emotions and feelings. And it’s a collection of them just experimenting with what it means to be The Veronicas. 

This is a record that is truly for the fans, and one that feels like a compilation of the sonically charged influences that make up who they are before they dive into the vulnerably edged ‘Human’. To celebrate the release of ‘Godzilla’ I’ve selected 5 songs that I think you REALLY need to listen that perfectly capture the unapologetic and experimental nature of the album. 

5. ‘Kaleidoscope’ 

This big electronic-pop moment is a Toby Gad cut that has a dark edge to it that feels somewhere in between Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)’ from ‘Hook Me Up’ and ‘Cold’ from their self-titled record. 

With it’s brooding-yet-bold production, the song immediately wins you over with it’s romantic lyricism about being caught off-guard by love. And it’s the outro lyrics that will hit you right in the feels when they sing; “Yeah, I’m a girl, was on the run. Caught me off guard when you came along. I fell in love, it wasn’t planned. Got my heart when no one else could understand”. OOFT. 

4. ‘101’

Following in the footsteps of the toxic relationship storyline, ‘101’ is a song about being told you are everything in someone’s life and them then walking away with someone new and then trying to come back to you when they no longer turn them on. It’s a savagely honest track that uses the contrast of bright and dark production to capture the emotions embedded in the song. 

3. ‘Silent’ feat. Travis Barker

Okay a Travis Barker and The Veronicas collaboration is something long-term V-Fans have been desperately waiting for. And in 2021 we finally got it. ‘Silent’ hears Barker on drums while they girls sing about a toxic relationship, and it’s a SONG. And in the most The Veronicas fashion they’ve found a way to put the word “babe” in the song and still have it sound so emotional. 

2. ‘Stealing Cars’ 

Soaked in a nostalgic-pop aesthetic, ‘Stealing Cars’ is a song that you can imagine blasting loud in the car while you’re driving down the highway with your windows down. It’s a song that is all about feeling lucky that you’re doing life with the person you love no matter what happens around you. It’s a TAD cute! “Wastin’ time, but wastin’ my time with you” they reflectively sing. 

1. ’High Score’ 

‘High Score’ is the album’s glistening nostalgic pop moment that sounds like it’s been taken straight out of the soundtrack of a coming of age film. The dreamy hook will be immediately stuck in your head while they sing “I wish we could go back to the days when you would meet me at the arcade. When the only change we knew was a pocket full of quarters, playing video games”.

This is one of my favourite songs they’ve released in a very long time. It’s such a stunning track with so many different contextual layers that continues to grow on you with every listen.

The Veronicas Australian Tour 

Thursday June 3 – Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane

Friday June 4 – Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane

Saturday June 5 – Kings Theatre, Sunshine Coast

Sunday June 6 – Twin Towns, Tweed Heads

Saturday June 12 – HBF Stadium, Perth

Sunday June 13 – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide

Tuesday June 15 – Canberra Theatre, Canberra

Wednesday June 16 – Civic Theatre, Newcastle

Friday June 18 – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

Saturday June 19 – WIN Entertainment, Wollongong

Saturday June 26 – The Forum, Melbourne

Sunday June 27 – The Forum, Melbourne

Monday June 28 – The Forum, Melbourne

‘Godzilla’ is out now!