“I’m so overwhelmed right now” TRYHARD sings during the opening moments of his introspective new single ‘Too Real’, and OOOFT I felt that on a spiritual level. Immediately laying down the vulnerable foundations for the song, he continues the cinematic soundscape and personal revelations he’s begun to unravel during his introductory singles ‘Dopamine’ and ‘Matches’. 

Exploring the toxicity of an “almost relationship” he was in, the Melbourne based singer-songwriter identifies what he let himself endure to just be around that person and how that wasn’t a healthy situation to put himself in. “Shit got a bit too real, don’t tell me how I feel. You cannot hide all of the lies that you left in your bedroom” he sings during the climatic hook. It’s a directly honestly track that he admits was the fastest song he’s ever written. With the conversational style writing inspired by the likes of Julia Michaels and Taylor Swift, the hook really directs him towards his biggest pop-centric release yet. 

The production continues the cinematically inclined sound he’s already strived towards with the Troye Sivan and Charli XCX influences shining through strongly. But this song does feel like a big road-trip moment. It’s the perfect soundtrack for when you need to just jump in your car and drive to try tame the thoughts that are rapidly filtering through your head. 

‘Too Real’ is TRYHARD’s strongest release yet, and feels like the big-sibling to his debut single ‘Dopamine’ with the cinematic nostalgia oozing through the production. It’s catchy, relatable and honestly just a great song from a great emerging artist.