Sarah Barrios is really smashing the TikTok game right now. The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter has created a very successful viral series of videos called “You Ask I Write” where she does exactly that. People send in there submissions of song ideas and she writes about it. Her new single ‘IH8EVERY1’ was born from one of those videos after a snippet of it went viral with over 3 million views. 

The brief was “falling in love and not wanting to” and this song perfectly embraces it with a pop-punk punch of pure attitude. “Can’t stand Cinderella, but fairy tales must come true cause I hate everyone but you” she sings during the angsty hook. Exploring the idea of not being in a mindset where you are interested in anyone, you almost always then meet someone who will challenge that headspace when you are so adamantly happy being single. You’re like “no, I don’t need you” but also “okay, I may want you right now” and it’s a bit cute. “I don’t really like most people cause they make me roll my eyes. And it don’t take a lot for me to leave a room without goodbyes. But something bout the way I don’t wanna die when I’m with you. I guess I wouldn’t be upset if you stuck around for good” she sings during the relatable first verse. 

Avril Lavigne would be proud to hear this song as it’s everything that her early 2000’s trajectory strived to create. It’s angsty pop-punk with a whole lot of polish that is reminiscent of queen Avril and Paramore. With this sound starting to come back into the mainstream arena in 2021 this song could’ve never been more relevant and perfect. It captures a smart wit and sass that is embedded with vulnerability. 

‘IH8EVERY1’ is certainly going to put Sarah Barrios on your radar if she wasn’t already. The angsty  loved up track is everything you’ll want to blast when you start falling in love and have to try give up your feeling of cynicism.