SINGLE REVIEW: Genes – Cherry Lips

Genes has continually delivered pop gems that are full of heart and sass, but she may have just dropped her best one yet while simultaneously creating the sonical embodiment of the middle finger. ‘Cherry Lips’ is a song that has already been a staple in her live set for over the past year while she’s opened for Eves Karydas and DVNA and played some festivals across Queensland. Impressing with its huge hook and pulsating energy, crowds have been eagerly anticipating the studio version, and it doesn’t disappoint as it slaps just as hard. 

Being in a toxic relationship is not a fun time, and it’s very difficult to get out of it when you’re continually being drawn back into the dangerous cycle of lies. The Townsville based singer, songwriter and producers discography to date has been an exploration of the many different facets of this situation and ‘Cherry Lips’ is the fully-realised vision of what that ex put you through. “Leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. We used to shimmer, light up when you’d spin me round” she sings during the first verse as she captures the way her ex would grasp their hold onto her. But then she describes the glass shattering moment where she realises all the lies that would fall out of their mouth. “Now I now your cherry lips could lie, lie, lie. Now I’m saying bye, bye, bye” she sings before then hitting you with “Every time you’d go and play the victim, just so I’d fall for you” in the confidently charged hook. 

Highlighting that confident energy, the production oozes big Carly Rae Jepsen vibes with her polished pop vocals and infectiously penned hook. The baseline that leads the chorus is truly *something else* and will have you ready to screaming it out at her next live show. But for now the addictively sweet track will have you ready to press replay and dance the night away with your middle finger securely in the air.