SINGLE REVIEW: Royal & The Serpent – phuck u

Well, yeah, you can’t buy happiness. I mean that made me happy for a little while” the opening monologue of Royal & The Serpent’s new angsty track ‘phuck u’ intriguingly lays down. Preluding to the vulnerable unravelling that shines through, the track is ultimately a commentary on how she struggles to love herself even with all of the music success, love and fame that has come into her life. It’s something that a lot of people face in different degrees, whether its accepting the love you deserve, or a job change that you don’t feel like you truly deserve. 

“So easy, so breezy, I was made for this. I got good weed, and life’s the shit. So why am I in the mirror saying, fuck you” she candidly sings during the pre-chorus. But the line that really cuts deep is; “I’ll find any excuse not to love you”. As someone who has struggled to love themselves during times where everything was truly going right, the self-saboteur jumped out and it’s hard to reign it in sometimes and find that clarity. 

Representing that chaotic energy with a punchy and angsty guitar led production, ‘phuck u’ is a moment of spiralling that we all succumb to. It’s the acknowledgment that everything is going right and should be fine, but for some reason feeling like you still can’t love yourself or be mentally happy. Sticking with her experimental foundations, she interpolates spoken word samples to add layers. Before the second verse she adds “Hey, this is Royal & the Serpent in the tub. It’s Royal, and you just heard my song Overwhelmed” from a radio grab which adds context to her recent success. 

Taken from her forthcoming EP ‘searching for nirvana’ which will be released on June 4, ‘phuck u’ is an energetically charged and candidly honest track that will have you continually falling in love with Royal & The Serpent’s experimental soundscapes and vulnerable confessions.