SINGLE REVIEW: MAY-A – Swing Of Things

MAY-A is continuing to introduce herself to listeners with a string of singles that are heavily  impressing with their honest refections and dreamy melodies. The next song to be added to her growing discography is the healing ‘Swing Of Things’. 

The grieving process is one that there will truly never be a handbook for as it’s different for everyone. Some people can move on quickly, while others find themselves stuck in their ways as they fight their mind to break free from the feelings that are holding them back. And the latter is where the Sydney based singer-songwriter sits in with this new song. “I can’t get back in the swing of things, yet. I’m so caught up in my old feelings” she sings as she hopes to eventually break free from her inner monologue. 

Questioning the grieving process of her ex, she acknowledges that they’ve moved on quickly and wonders if it’s made it any easier in relation to thinking and missing her. “Is your heart out on your sleeve now you’re gone? Is the grass more green from where you’re from? Are you stuck in the weeds or are you not? Do you think of me?”. And oooft that is some but relatable heavy questions. 

With the guitar led sonic, it has this really warm and sunny feeling that contrasts the reflective manner of the song. Sonically reminiscent of Claud and Holly Humberstone, there is this dreamy alt-pop vibe that is driven through the sentimental harmonies. It’s a song of healing and understanding as much as it is of acknowledging the validity of how you’re feeling, and it’s one that will immediately trigger a particular memory.