SINGLE REVIEW: K.FLAY feat. Tom Morello – TGIF

K.FLAY’s angsty punch of alternative pop-rock has always been something that has been full of fire, quick wit and honest truths. And with her vulnerably honest new EP ‘Inside Voices’ slated for a June 11 release, the Chicago-born singer-songwriter is ready to let out all of the thoughts she’s been holding in for so long. 

‘TGIF’ featuring Tom Morello is the second taste of what’s to come from this five track collection with a song that plays as a commentary on how the world tunes out the bullshit of the world when the weekend arrives. It’s as if we forget the pain and suffering that is happening across the world just so we can party and feel good about ourselves, and to be honest, that is really toxic. “Thank God it’s Friday, and I’m feeling alive. I’ll do it my way, till the day that I die” she sings during the snappy chorus. However, hidden in the song are some empowering little statements like “They told me I can’t be myself, But myself’s all I can be. I’m unique, and I do it seven days of the week” that fans will immediately gravitate towards. 

Following in the footsteps of ‘Four Letter Words’, the production is in the same gritty and punchy vein. It sonically sits in that ‘Every Where Is Some Where” realm with its contrast of grunge production and vulnerably raw emotion. Collaborating with Tom Morello for an epic guitar shred moment, it has this really heavy and gritty feel to it while still holding onto a pop polish with it’s melody. She even pays homage to him with the line; “I wanna drink, I wanna fight, I wanna rage against the fucking machine”, which is a cool and playful reference for the song. 

‘TGIF’ is another strong track for K.FLAY that will have you itching to see her live again and screaming these therapeutic feelings out into the universe.