SINGLE REVIEW: Gretta Ray – Human / Passion

Gretta Ray is opening a new chapter in her story with the release of her debut album ‘Begin To Look Around’ which will be finally unveiled to the world on August 27. Introducing herself to listeners in a bold and vulnerable way, this record will really cement herself as an artist who ultimately has something powerful to say. 

To coincide with the announcement of the album, she’s released a double A-Side single with ‘Human’ and ‘Passion’. The duology of singles hears her delivering 2 songs with the same theme but differing perspectives. Focusing on an intimate relationship, she details the loved up feelings that make her so blind to everything else, as well as the intoxicating passion that makes the relationship so heavy and strong in its own way. 

‘Human’ is a song that sounds like it’s come straight off Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ album, which is ultimately a huge compliment. Sonically taking inspiration from Katy Perry and Charley, she built this song around those intense feelings of being blind to someone when you’re falling in love with them. It’s genuinely one of the most beautiful things, and sometimes we forget to be present during that moment, and this song pulls you back in and makes you acknowledge your feelings explicitly. “I don’t wanna know life outside this room. I don’t wanna know sights besides this view. Come down from a high, I am riding on with you. In this fusion, we couldn’t be more human” she honestly sings. 

With this pulsating pop meets slight country production, she intertwines dreamy melodies that will have you immediately feeling all the butterflies in your stomach that are described so freely in the song. And then you have ‘Passion’ which is darker in its production palette with heavy keys offering that melodramatic feeling. “I’m coming to learn of the risk, that comes with going head-first into love like this” she sings during the opening moments. Setting the tone, she shares the other side of those intense feelings that can be so overriding. 

These two songs beautifully and contrastingly tease the emotional unravelling that will follow on ‘Begin To Look Around’ and it’s already promising to be a special one.