SINGLE REVIEW: Katy Perry – Electric

Fresh off the back of her Las Vegas Residency announcement, Katy Perry has released a pulsating synth banger as a part of a musical collaboration for Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. ‘Electric’ is an empowering pop anthem that sonically compliments her recent album ‘Smile’ with a similar production to lead single ‘Never Really Over’ and the criminally underrated ‘Cry About It Later’. 

With pulsating synths and big 80’s inspired drums, this song elevates this distinct positive feeling with an immediate groove. With the urge to start dancing along and to get lost in the moment, it succeeds at what it sets out to do. 

Wanting to inspire and empower, she encourages people to find the positive and spark in life that is out there for all of us. Whether that be within ourselves, in someone we find along the way, or in pursuing our own dreams, life can be electric for all of us if we allow it to be. “I know you feel it, feel it. If you believe it, then you can. There’s no reason that this life can’t be electric” she sings during the infectious hook. 

This may not be a groundbreaking or drastically different Katy Perry song to tracks we’ve previously heard before, but it’s a fun and empowering track that radiates a wholesome positivity. It’s a song that will immediately invoke a big smile, even if you aren’t 100% in a smiling mood, and that’s a really nice thing.