SINGLE REVIEW: Dasha – Love Me Till August

Saying goodbye when you know you have no other choice is one of the most heartbreaking and difficult things to do. No matter how much you plan or rehearse the situation in your head it’s always going to be traumatic when you’re faced with going through with it. You find yourself just hoping and wishing for one more day with them, which turns into months, seasons and years or wanting to hold on. And that’s the sentiment that Dasha has explored on her heartbreakingly beautiful new single ‘Love Me Till August’. 

“We’ll blame it on the timing. What isn’t meant to be will never be. So I’ll love you on a timeline. And when you have to leave just leave” the Californian singer-songwriter sings during the opening moments of the vulnerable track. Setting the raw and tender foundations of the song, she carefully unveils this candid and reflective commentary of knowing you will eventually need to say goodbye to this person you deeply care for. “Last day of July, one more summer night. So tell me one more time that you’ll love me till august”.

Complimenting the vulnerable nature of the song, the production is light, atmospheric and has this dreamy but emotionally raw feeling to it. Reminiscent of Sasha Sloan’s back catalogue with the acoustic guitar and soothing harmonies, this song will immediately hit you in the feels and have you grieving over the eventual end of a relationship even if you don’t have a person to currently grieve over. 

‘Love Me Till August’ is a very special track that will have you empathising with the heavy feeling this song evokes. It’s one of Dasha’s strongest tracks yet and is a contrasted shift to her debut EP ‘$hiny Things’.