Today UPSAHL is officially kicking off a new chapter in her life with the beginning foundations of her forthcoming debut album. Inspired by the turbulent past 12 months, she is ready to open up to listeners about her first proper break-up and how it’s already shaped the person she is now. ‘Douchebag’ is the first taste of this emotional unravelling, and it’s the immediate anger you have for someone when you find out they are cheating on you, and well, just being a douchebag. 

“You’re a douchebag. And I can prove that with the words you didn’t say when you left” she exclaims during the fiery hook that is blatantly to the point before later re-confirming “It’s 100% not a chance that I’m wrong. Why’d it take me this long to know, you’re a douchebag”. It’s everything you wish you could say to the person in your life who has cheated on you, or just been a giant waste of your time and space. Whilst it has an angsty layer, it’s also super playful in giving you brilliant one liners and an immediate ounce of sass to help you move on. 

Sonically the song begins on a guitar before layering a strong pop-rock beat and slick harmonies to build up its anthemic punch. At only 2.22 minutes long, you will find yourself questioning where the rest of the song is, because you’ll want (and need) more. Immediately hitting replay, you’ll be ready to have this song on repeat while you scream out the lyrics in celebration of that one special douchebag in your life. 

‘Douchebag’ is an anthem in its own right, and with multiple viral songs on TikTok already, this song may just join them with its strong hook and confident attitude that we all need to embrace.