SINGLE REVIEW: Eilish Gilligan – Up All Night

Last year was unpredictable for everyone, and particularly for Eilish Gilligan as she had planned to release her debut EP, play a lot of shows, and continue growing her fanbase. And in reality she did all of that, but the way she executed all of them was adapted within the current times. Her debut EP ‘Hospital’ was a warm palette of emotions with tender production that was unexpected to her for her to release before her big pop EP that she still has in the wings. She then played a lot of shows in Melbourne following the easing of restrictions, and has built a really supportive fanbase through Twitch.

Kickstarting this next chapter, Eilish Gilligan is returning to her bold pop roots with ‘Up All Night’ which will have you ready to dance your problems away. Saturated with euphoric leaning pop beats, and 80’s inspired synth drums, this song takes her already experimental leaning production and leans into a even bigger pop sound. Reminiscent of Dagny, Katy Perry and Robyn, this song is really all about delivering that pure euphoria that will have you up all night dancing. It’s the immediate shot of serotonin that we all need right now in our lives. 

Co-written with Alex Lahey and Gab Strum (Japanese Wallpaper), she explores the idealistic night out we all need with our friends when we’re going through a break-up. It’s the art of trying to forget the person that is always lingering on our minds, and let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. And that’s what friends are great for as they will always have your back and will go out all night with you to make sure you remember what happiness feels like. “Up all night, not thinking of you. Dance all night, not thinking of you. Up all night, not thinking of you. Cause when I close my eyes, I’m thinking of you” she sings during the pulsating hook. 

This is one of Eilish Gilligan’s most commercially accessible releases yet, and it’s one that will have you ready to dance and singalong at her next live show.