SINGLE REVIEW: Matilda Pearl – Linger

Following her recent signing to Sweat It Out Records and joining Unified Management and Lonely Lands Agency, Matilda Pearl is ready to make herself a newcomer you need to get acquainted with. Following the release of her pulsating breakthrough track ‘Soak’, the Mornington Peninsula singer-songwriter is leaning into her pop foundations even more with her honest new single. 

‘Linger’ is a song that is all about knowing something or someone isn’t good for you and that it’s reaching its expiration, but lingering because you don’t want it to really be over. There’s a bit of self sabotage and self-deprecative thoughts that come into play as she tries to let go but just can’t.“I know I should have just waited, cause now I’ve made it so complicated. Saying I’m just clinging onto you… When did I fuck up? Don’t tell me it’s over” she sings during the pulsating hook. But the line that really stands out is “You say I’m like glitter, I linger and linger”. I FELT THAT TO MY CORE. Glitter is one of the most annoying things to exist as it never disappears, so for someone to call you glitter is gut-wrenching to say the least. And as someone who personally thinks they’re too much and cling to people when they should let go, I’ve now found my new favourite self-deprecating analogy. 

The production is deeply rooted in a Dua Lipa meets Kylie Minogue inspired sonic with a groovy baseline that will have you immediately dancing along with her. It’s a strong representation of the pop sound she wants to hone into her own, and with more new music on the horizon for 2021, we will continue to get to know the multiple different sides of Matilda Pearl.