SINGLE REVIEW: Hanni – Talking To Myself In The Mirror

Sometimes it all just gets too much. Everything you do feels damaging, you feel burnt out, and your brain feels like it could fry some eggs and bacon with how nonsensical it’s being. With the isolating feeling taking over, sometimes the only person that you could voice it out to and make sense to is yourself, so the mirror becomes a safe space for you to vent out your frustration. It’s something I do all the time to try articulate how I’m feeling but it doesn’t always work with your mind continually telling you that you keep screwing everything up. It’s dark but real. And that’s what Hanni explores on her relatable new anthem, ‘Talking To Myself In The Mirror’. 

Speaking up about feeling like she’s drowning in her own thoughts, she articulates all of these feelings so beautifully and candidly. “I need silent from myself. I’m just afraid to ask for help. I’ve been talking to myself in the mirror, It doesn’t seem to make things clearer. It feels like I’m the bad guy, I keep telling myself it’s alright” she honestly sings during the chorus. 

Sonically this may just be her strongest song yet, and also one of the best pop tracks of 2021 so far. The hook is undeniably catchy and addictive with its pulsating energy. Found somewhere in-between CXLOE, FLETCHER and Chelsea Cutler this track has a real honesty embedded into its soul through her genuine unravelling of vulnerability. Contrasting the emotion with a euphoric pop production, she highlights that it’s okay to acknowledge and celebrate feeling this way as it’s very human to do so. 

The Brisbane singer-songwriter is starting a new chapter after a huge introductory year that saw her winning a Queensland Music Award for her debut single ‘Wired’. With an accumulated 2.8 million streams on Spotify alone, and a global breakthrough success with recent single ‘Golden Eyes’, she’s ready to keep relating to listeners ahead of her forthcoming debut EP.