SINGLE REVIEW: Eves Karydas – Freckles

Intimately charged, Eves Karydas is ready to continue giving you big pop moments even when the production is lightly penned. Following the anthemic stature of ‘Complicated’ and ‘Get Me So High’,  she further unravels her craftier pop songwriting on ‘Freckles’ with a vulnerable exploration of the coming of age moments of her early 20’s. 

It’s something everyone goes through, and it’s not the easiest thing to navigate as you find yourself overthinking everything that happens no matter how big or small it might be. But sometimes we are lucky to have someone in our life that brings stability and calms the nervous energy we exude. And in this song she celebrates that person and the calming nature they bring when she starts to panic at how quickly life evolves. “At my age, how quickly things change. The older I get, the less stays the same. The days fade, but with you I feel safe. So I count the freckles on your face. Keeps me sane, nothing changes them” she honestly sings. 

The imagery surrounding the lyrics are really vivid and immediately bring you into her world as she opens up about her insecurities and coping mechanisms. “This morning I fell on the pavement. It hurt but it felt so simple. Haven’t donе that since age sevеn. When did I get so fearful?” she describes of the resilience a kid has when they fall over and scrape their knees. But it’s the quirky little line; “I’m still afraid of the dentist and have acne”, that pays as a little homage to her previous single ‘Complicated’ and the dreams of her losing her teeth. 

The production is minimalistic in comparison to the anthemic deliveries of her previous two singles, but there is still a boldness that shines through her storytelling. Her vulnerability and the way she shares her insecurities during the coming of age moments in her life is what makes this song so universally relatable and anthemic. ‘Freckles’ is a song that’s not only therapeutic for her, but it’s a track that’s for everyone to celebrate those moments of uncertainty.

Eves Karydas 2021 Queensland Tour 

Friday 14 May – The Met, Toowoomba *SOLD OUT*

Saturday 15 May – Burleigh Bazaar, Gold Coast

Sunday 16 May – Solbar, Sunshine Coast

Wednesday 19 May – The Triffid, Brisbane (Early Show)

Thursday 20 May – The Triffid, Brisbane (Late Show) *SOLD OUT*

Saturday 22 May – Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns