SINGLE REVIEW: Coldplay – Higher Power

So it’s safe to say that Coldplay’s eighth studio album ‘Everyday Life’ was a bit of a flop. The general consensus around their surprising Grammy nomination for Album Of The Year was that people learnt that Coldplay actually released an album last year. The hits were missing, and the heart and reliability felt lacking which was so underwhelming after an incredible run with records that were continually huge for the band. 

Marking a fresh start in 2021, ‘Higher Power’ hears them returning with a bold, empowering and energetic sound that is reminiscent of their ‘Mylo Xyloto’ and ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ eras. With pulsating guitar riffs, big drums and slinky keys, this is a song that really deserves to be brought to life on the live stage. There’s an empowering sentiment to the production that amplifies the romantic undertones of the lyrics. 

This is a straight-up love song that celebrates the power and strength of love. It acknowledges how the warmth of somebody else can make you feel so strong and unstoppable with every obstacle you face. It also acknowledges how grateful you can be to be in the same orbit as someone. “I’m so happy that I’m alive. Happy I’m alive at the same time as you. Cause you’ve got a higher power. Got me singing every second, dancing every hour” lead vocalist Chris Martin sings during the infectious hook. Awwwwww!

Hopefully ‘Higher Power’ is an indication of where Coldplay’s forthcoming ninth studio album will head sonically, because it really delivers that empowering and emotional contrast they honed so well before their disappointing last record.