SINGLE REVIEW: Cian Ducrot feat. Cate – Know Me Again

Cian Ducrot is quickly becoming one of the most talked about newcomers following the release of his vulnerably raw singles ‘Not Usually Like This’ and ‘Crocodiles’. Following in their footsteps, the Irish singer-songwriter has teamed up with one of my favourite Canadian singer-songwriters, Cate, for another gut-wrenching track that will hit you right in the feels. 

‘Know Me Again’ is a break-up song with a whole lot of emotions that will trigger thoughts of a time where you wish someone wanted to know you again. It’s that intense separation from someone that used to make you so happy and feel so safe before they all of a sudden don’t want to know you at all or see you again. 

“I don’t know why I look for you In crowded rooms, when you get by spending your nights surrounded by everyone but me” Ducrot sings during the opening moments of the song. Setting the tone for the rest of the track lyrically, they then both unravel the raw emotions so intricately giving you some beautiful and heartbreaking moments. “Funny how you gave me more of a chance when you didn’t know me more than a first glance. And now that you know me you choose not to love me at all” they sing before proclaiming, “Oh I wish, that you didn’t know me so that you would want to know me again”. 

Complimenting the very emotional lyrics, the production is tear-jerking evoking to say the least. Beginning with just the strumming of a guitar and echoing vocals, they then lightly add atmospheric production and piano to cinematically guide you through the raw acknowledgment of needing to let go. As this song reaches its final minute, drums are added for one final emotional release. 

Cian Ducrot and Cate’s vocals are beautiful together and along with the heartbreaking lyrics and fitting production this song will undoubtedly haunt you and have you ready to cry on cue.